My MS Recovery
The Road Back to Health
A Look Back on the Road Behind Me
In 1986, I moved to Florida to take a job with Raymond James & Associates as an investment banker.  
Soon after, I took up triathlon and fell in love with the sport.  Since 1987 when I entered my first
triathlon in Clermont, Florida I’ve finished more than 40 races.  
After two years in the 82nd
Airborne, I volunteered for
Special Forces training,
completing it in 1981.  I was
awarded the Green Beret and
assigned to an A-detachment in
the 7th Special Forces Group.
Since I’d already completed Airborne training and Ranger School during
summers at West Point, I reported directly to my first assignment in the
82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
I completed my five years of military service in the fall of
1984 and left active duty to attend Harvard Business
School, graduating in 1986 with an MBA.
I fell in love again—this time with a person—and got married in 1994.  My daughter Sara was born later
that year.  In 1997, my son Matthew was born.

In 1999, I moved to Princeton, New Jersey to take a job as a portfolio manager with TIAA-CREF in New
York City.  I now am the president of an investment advisory firm that specializes in managing portfolios
of publicly-traded real estate companies.
After attending high school in the
Panama Canal Zone, I entered the
U. S. Military Academy at West
Point, graduating in 1979 as a
Distinguished Graduate (top 5%
of my class).  
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